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FS-Hammerhead Pump, Chillers, Lights, UV, Calc Reactor!

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SOLD FS-Hammerhead Pump,.....

SOLD I have a lot for sale, working on getting pics up of everything. I am out of the hobby and need all my equipment gone. Make offers if my prices are off. I need to move all of these items ASAP. Please contact me if you're interested in anything.
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Pm full

hi, tried sending a pm but your inbox is full!...
its cleaned out, sorry. I don't know why I can only have so few even though I pay my membership :(
I need to move all of this and more.

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Calcium reactor is sold.
i think the pics work now!
Interested in the skimmer. Pics don’t work for me.
Interested in the skimmer. Pics don't work for me.
skimmer is still available. I can send pics via text or email

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Do you have a tank for sale?
yes I do.

I need to get the pics and post together but its a 120 AGA Reef Ready drilled 4 times for closed loop, stand, 100 gal acrylic sump, canopy, lights (2 x 250W MH and 4x110W VHO on icecap 660), sump light 2x36" T5 GE 6500 on icecap 430 with many spare bulbs and lots of extras, and I'll throw in the 1/4 horse chiller. $400 OBO

I'll get a separate post up soon on it

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hammerhead pump is SOLD!
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