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FS: salt, power backup UPS, calcium

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I've got the following forsale:

-Instant Ocean Salt. Two brand new 50 gallon bags. One 200 gallon tub with about 10% left. Take both bags plus the tub with lid and remaining salt: $15

-Belkin UPS backup. This is a monster 1200VA unit. I paid $170 at Best Buy. Used about 5 months, kicked in beautifully twice. Comes with original box. Asking only $90.00 or best REASONABLE offer.

I calculated that this UPS could run the largest aquaclear filter for at least 15 hours or more. I've never had it run that long though, just a couple of times. Hook it up to your return pump and you will not worry if there is a power out. Of course, depends on the power consumption of your pump.

-Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium. The big bottle size, 1KG size. 75% left. $14.00

Local pickup in Ypsilanti please.
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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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