Below is a list of a bunch of equipment and tanks I have left over after moving and setting up my new system, all prices listed are obo, willing to make deals and also open to trades for coral. Let me know what your interested in and I’m sure we can make a deal, my wife wants all this stuff gone! I don’t check here too often so please text me if your interested in anything or want pictures. I will continue to add things as well.


Tanks for sale:

Glass 125g sump, drilled at both ends, baffles installed, 72Lx18Wx24H $50 obo

Glass 50g low boy frag tank, drilled on one end with Fiji cube low profile overflow box. Brand new, never been filled. SOLD

Lights for sale:

48” Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid fixture, like new, used for ~3mo before switching to full LED lighting, comes with ATI Blue Plus bulbs.
$200 obo

48” T5/LED combo fixture, has 4 t5 bulbs, 4 LED Arrays, and moonlights. Built in programmer to control lighting independently, comes with hanging kit, single 120v chord to plug in. This is like new, I think I used it for about a month before we moved and I setup my new system, grew SPS in my 180g just fine.
$100 obo

48” 8 bulb T5 fixture, 2 bulbs have been converted to LED drivers, currently has 6 ATI bulbs in it SOLD

Modified 36” Aquatic life T5 fixture. Currently uses 2 of the 4 T5 bulbs and the other channel has been rewired to control LED light bars. 2 holes were cut in the top of the housing to allow Kessil 360’s to be dropped in. This was an amazing light setup over my frag system and would be perfect for a 40B, 75, or 120 reef. Package includes the modified fixture with ATI blue plus bulbs, 2 reefbrite 24” XHO light bars, and 2 Kessil a360we’s. $500 obo

36” SBreef dimmable Sbar $100 obo

48” SBreef dimmable Sbar $120 obo

Orbit 48” 2 channel light bar $20 obo


Apex Jr, controller/power bar only: SOLD

Brand new unopened Hanna Calcium checker $35 obo

Used Hanna alkalinity checker: $20 obo

Used Hanna calcium checker: $20 obo

Snap together frag rack kits (5) 10”x7” sections with risers: $20 obo

Tunze osmolator nano 3152: $40

1.5” PVC inline mechanical flow meter and check valve new in box: $80

Jebao 4 channel dosing pump with spare heads, works great: $40 obo

Vertex Alpha 300 Protein skimmer: $400 obo

Euroreef/reef octopus HOB100 protein skimmer: $40 obo

Large viparspectra Par600 refugium light: SOLD

Fijicube 800gph low profile overflow box, brand new in box: $80 obo

Fijicube 1600gph low profile overflow box, brand new in box: $120 obo

Jebao SLW-10 power heads $30/each

Jebao SLW-20 power heads $40/each

Jebao return pumps: 8000/12000 $60/each

Geo’s 618 calcium reactor setup with regulator and co2 tank $400 obo

Refractometers: $10/each

Seneye Reef monitor with a few slides: SOLD