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Full setup 65 gallon reef ready tank

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I have a deep blue professional 65 gallon reef ready tank this is currently set up and running the stand is in great condition and has a 20 high sump. Dimesions are 36x18x24. A quiet one 1200 for return ball valves on the plumbing to adjust flow.

There are no scratches on the tank at all its in perfect condition.

I am moving soon and I have a few small tanks that I'm going to transfer the live stock in.

Text me for pictures
Looking to get 100 text is the quickest way to get ahold of me 586 604 4146


This is for the tank stand sump and return pump
No lights or powerheads
100 bucks
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Will also look at trades or partial trades maybe leds corals or even nuvo or nano tanks

Let me know what you have

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Price drop 100 bucks
Return pump
Bump for change in price and equipment
Someone come grab this tank out of my living room 100 bucks is a steal for a 30 month old tank
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