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fuzzy pink worm

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my wife was looking in our tank and noticed a pinkish fuzzy worm thing coming out of our rock and eating the little food food around it. how can i tell if it is a good or bad worm?
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Sounds like a bristle worm to me,I have that one as well but without Pic we can't id it. You could google image search bristle worms until you find it and see what it says about it.
pink work, yellow hairs?

yeah i got em too. they are reef safe but ive been told not to touch them.

fire worms are BADDDDD. they are red with grey hairs. they eat alot of different corals. and if you touch those i hear there is pretty nasty swelling and very painful.
i can not get a pic it is small and hides when ever i try to take a pic and it is also to small to a pic and can not zoom in with out getting blurry
it looks a lot fuzzier. have only seen it one time so far while it was eating the left over food on the tank
Did it look like this? This one is a big one so yours is likely smaller, but it is what a bristle worm looks like. Really efficent scavgers! They love to hang around my nps at nights to get leftovers
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