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I got home from snowplowing (4 a.m.) noticed my Helfrichi Firefish had noticable cysts, the dreaded ich. I've battled it alot and lost some of my favorite fish to the dumb disease, I wasn't about to let my helffer die. So i picked up some Garlic Xtreme by kent, I'll tell you what guys theres alot of speculation and such about "garlic" as a cure but my fish seem to be doing better ALL cysts are gone.(knock on wood) I just wanted to share my expierence. I'm not sure if this will help anyone or not. But one more plug Kent marine Garlic Xtreme :victory:
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Garlic is awesome for ich. I don't know if it makes the fish's immune system strong enough to combat the ich, or if it makes the fish un-tasty to the ich so they all let go. Anyone know for sure??
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