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Gauging interest in my 180 tank/canopy/stand...

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Ok this is more a feeling out message, and this wont be sold tomorrow or anything, but what is the interest in a 180g glass tank (2 holes in the back top for overflows), stand and canopy (both pine) where the canopy can house metal halides (well it is now). No equipment with the tank, simply those 3 parts. I was thinking $450 for it all. This is just a number I came up with, I think it is fair though. The hardware on the stand could use replacement, but other than that it looks pretty darn good. I can take pics and post them later, but if I'm going to do my tank downgrade, I need to see what I can get for my current tank.
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You mean there is another one for sale? Ah crap!
Don't worry sean, it probably isn't going anywhere quickly. [)]
Ok Ok, pics will come tonight [)].
Some pictures

I added height to the canopy so there is a seem in the middle of it. There is a gap but nothing super major. Let me know if you want other pictures.
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It is definitely going to be for sale, but I still need to get the new tank/stand purchased so that will be the delay.
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