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Getting Out-120 GLA w/ furniture grade stand/canopy

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120 GLA furniture grade stand PRICE DROP $1100

Still available Price drop $1100! NEW PRICE $1000

I am selling my GLA 120G. Everything in Very good condition. I wish to sell as a package. $1300, OBO.If interested, PM me and send me a phone number where I can text you more pictures. Includes:
120G 18x26x60 w/ black silicone. No scratches, back painted blue
Stand and canopy, gunstock finish, furniture grade
2 Galaxy Pro led's
2 Hydro 1400 wavemakers
Hydro wavemaker
SWC 160 Cone Skimmer
Blueline HD40 pump, tank is plumbed for a basement sump
50G sump
20G freshwater reservoir tank
10G QT tank
Magnum HOT 250
4 filtersocks
digital thermometer
2 Little fishes Phosban reactor
Asst'd lighting
Kent Marine Dosing
A lot of assorted aquarium items
100 lbs liverock
6" Blue Hippo Tang
4" Yellow Tang
3" Bicolor Angel
Pajama Cardinal
4-Green Chromis
Red Reef Star
2-Pencil Urchins
Loads of trocus/astria snails and hermits
Coral Colonies and frags
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Is it possible to fit the sump underneath the tank?
Is the livestock for sail. I'm interested in the fish only 7348190672 if u can
I am sorry, I did not see your question earlier. My sump will not fit, but a standard 40 or 55g should fit
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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