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Getting Out, 75g Peninsula and 65g Breeder Dual Setup

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Looking at getting out of the hobby for awhile. Going to try and sell this as a whole before attempting a part out. Looking to get $1500 for the setup.

-75g peninsula style tank, drilled once with a built in overflow
-65g breeder, built in overflow with 2 drains and one return on opposite end of tank
-40g breeder sump/refugium
-Custom LED light on the 75g, 52x3w Cree LEDs
-2x39w T5HO Fixture on 65g
-4x24w T5HO retrofit kit
-Reef Keeper Lite
-Vortech MP40 gen 1 with upgraded driver
-Euroreef skimmer
-4 Koralias
-Rio 1700 return pump
-Eheim return pump (forgetting the size right now, will check later)
-tons of supplements
-Pretty much all the reef keeping stuff I have laying around will come with this setup

-Around 300lbs of LR, some incredible shelf pieces and a nice large Tonga branch cluster
-150ish pounds of live sand
-Large Fiji yellow leather
-Large purple photo-synthetic Gorgonia
-Purple Deaths
-A few different mushrooms
-2 Occelaris
-2 Percula
-Mandarin Dragonet
-Royal Gramma
-Wheelers Shrimp Goby/shrimp pair

Only have a few pictures of the setup, I will get more later today.

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I'm interested in the vortex and skimmer if you part it out.lmk
possibly interested in the 4x24 t5 if you part out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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