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Getting out: LPS, SPS, Zoas in Chelsea/Ann Arbor area

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In case anyone didn't see on the MR FB page. Email [email protected] for pics or if you're interested in coming out to pick up some really reasonably priced corals.

Selling most of my pieces. Can work on bundled prices. No piece more than the cost of a tank of gas. I run a very clean system with no nuisance algae in my tank.

Pick up in Chelsea MI 48118 this week.

ORA frogskin Acro: $35

Sunset montipora: 3": $60

Bullitt Green Tort: 3x2" multibranch colony: $50

Mountain dew Acro: $35

GB psychotic milli: $35

Miami Hurricane Chalice: 3" x 2" mound: $50

Aussie Duncans: about softball size, maybe 40+ heads: $75

Frogspawn and branching hammers: Green/purple ~6 heads total: $50

Christmas favia: 1.5" disc: $40

Neon green trumpet: 15 polyps: $60

Zoanthid/mushroom liverock: 14***8221; liverock with maybe 75 blow pop zoanthids, 50 radioactive dragon eye zoanthids, 2 Superman rhodactis mushrooms, 6 green mushrooms: $150

10***8221; shelf liverock with tyree neon green toadstool and meteor shower cyphestrea: $50

Armor of God Paly colony: ~9 polyps: $20
Captain America Paly colony: ~60 polyps: $50

Baseball size liverock with 4 superman rhodactis mushrooms: $40

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Prices are a starting point and are negotiable within reason. These are already under market, but I want to see these go to a good home so make some offers, bundle some pieces together and add some new pieces to your reef at a great price.
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