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Getting out- multiple big tanks

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Recently found out my son has leukemia so i need to get rid of all my tanks... up for sale are the following tanks:

320 gallon acrylic tank- 30W X 83L X 29H
Has blue sides and back 1/2 in acrylic with 3/4in top
Asking $600 SOLD

180 gallon all glass tank- 24W X 72L X 25H
In good shape just dirty
Asking $250 SOLD

125 gallon all glass tank- 18W X 72L X 22H
Also in good shape just dirty
Asking $200

60 gallon cube tank- 24W X 24W X 25H
drilled in the upper left corner.. was a beautiful tank when it was up
Has a stand
Asking $150

60 gallon long tank- 12W X 48L X 21H
asking $50

Have about 350 to 400 lbs of live rock but it has some hair algae and pond foam on it... $2 a pound... will give you a deal the more you buy SOLD

Also have
a large precision marine skimmer $200 SOLD
Reef keeper $150 SOLD
Really large diy led setup for the 320 gallon tank... if I remember correctly its more than 1000 watts worth of leds.. comes with power source and blue fish wireless controller that has really neat storm and cloud modes... set it up to mimic the weather in hawaii or fiji and the controller will mimic the current light and cloud patterns for the set place.. it even has provisions to hook up a camera so you can view your tank where ever you go!!
Asking $500 for the whole led setup SOLD

The majority of them have been broken down already... all prices negotiable to within reason... for some reason it wont let me upload pics so just text me n ill send you some...313-320-6094 juan
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