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have to get out of the hobby due to financial reasons. as much as it breaks my heart i have to sell everything in my 40 gallon tank. i would prefer someone to take all of it but i understand that is pretty unlikely. so i am going to start with the coral, once coral is gone then i will begin selling my fish and shrimp. current tank has been going for about 9 months but have had all my corals for almost 2 years. please contact me by text for pics and more info.

as far as the coral goes: $200 for all
have 2 separate frags of duncansops (one is on frag plug) $10 /each
have 2 medium / large kenya trees (one is attached to large snail shell) $10/plug $15/shell
have 2 small kenya tree frags $ 5 /each
have 1 small rock (4" oval) with about 20 misc zoas $10
have another small rock (same size) with at least 20 mixed zoas (one or two nice ones, few keds reds) and about 20 green clove polyps together $25
have 1 red mushroom $10
have 1 rhodactis? mushroom on small rock $5, and another rock with 2 on it $10
have a very nice flower pot (goniopora) thats on the medium side and steadily growing $25
have a gorgeous medium / large bubble coral that is tank center piece $60
have multiple types of zoas;
1 plug with 10 polyps (couple of rockstar supernovas) $10
1 plug with 2 neon green palys $5
1 rock with 10 - 20 polyps of radioactive dragon eyes $10
1 rock with 15+ polyps of Hawaiian sherbert zoas $10
1 rock with 3 polyps of rockstar supernova zoas $5
1 rock with 20 polyps of zoas with green and purple faces $15
1 rock with 3 polyps of zoas /palys that have green mouth, blueish purple face, and red lashes $25

trying to sell all of the coral together first, $200 for the whole lot or can even work deal for all coral and rock (not sure how much rock i have but prolly over 30 lbs with some being base rock, a nice tonga branch, and a few nice size purple rocks).
otherwise feel free to text for more info and i am returning all texts in order that they are received.

also i will not be able to deliver anything or meet half way (unless you are buying the whole lot). sorry

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