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Getting out Sale 208g cube and equipment

I'm getting out of the hobby so i'm selling all my equipment. Would love for all this to go together. Here is what I have left. Everything is OBO

1. SOLD- 208g IPI Acrylic saltwater tank 40hx40wx30d. Tank has dual over flows with a dry area in the center for cabling.
2. $180 - Ocean Motion 8-way. that allows for 4 outputs at one time. 5ish years old but never seen water.
3. $125 - Reeflo Dart Pump 3600GPH. 5ish years old but never seen water.
4. $25 - Iwaki Magnet Pump Model number MD-15R-115NL
5. SOLD - IceCap 660 no wiring harness
6. $25 - Bulk Reef RO/DI. I broke the center canister while cleaning...
7. $150 - Bubble Master 200 Protein Skimmer. Pump has mod impeller.
- rated for 250g

Here is a link to where the pictures are.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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