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The below post is just an example, but I see it often - trails of *'s followed by 4 digits, and a semicolon.

The tank is 4***8217; long 18***8221; deep and 24***8221; high
Stand is 30***8221; high and 51***8221; wide
Canopy is 15***8221; high and 50***8221; wide
am I just code illiterate? is there meaning here for those with eyes to see?

or, as I suspect, is this a byproduct of writing with thumbs?

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Most of the time I'm seeing this with emojis specific to mobile devices.

Trying something:
The tank is 4' long 18' deep and 24' high
How does that look to you?

LOL! Otherwise known as a swimming pool! :laugh:

Does the punctuation show okay for you folks?

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