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End of the line for the hobby (at least for a while) for Grundfeld.

The following are for sale. I prefer that it all go in one transaction.

125G Aquarium
Cherry stand
original cherry lid
extra heavy duty cherry top
100# of (very) live rock
2 voracious (and large) damsels
Tunze Filter
Tunze Skimmer
Old School Tunze powerhead (1 in use, one in storage)
Approximately 70 heads of frogspawn
A bubble coral that needs a bit of attention (but IS about 8 years old)
2 BeamWorks LED lights (48" each)
pH meter
Tunze auto refill system

The following items are in storage but included:
48" metal halide fixture (bulbs needed); has 96W actinic built in; moon lights too
2 sumps
Tunze nitrate reduction chambers (2)
HOB refugium

boxes of plumbing fixtures

1/2 pail of salt mix

more misc. pumps, fixtures, add-ons, chemicals than I can possibly count or list

$800.00 absolutely FIRM (if you take it all without negotiating)

Two other things for sale:

I also have an Air, water & Ice RO/DI system: separate $75 charge but comes with replacement filters

I also have a tunze controllable stream pump (old style) for $100; it's currently moving water in the tank

This tank is currently set-up in self-sufficient mode. That is, I am NOT using the overflows OR a sump. All filtration, skimming and flow is self-contained in the main aquarium. However, I still have all the overflow plumbing and the sump I used to use.

Pics below. Request any additional views you might want via PM.



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