Good Assortment Of Frags For Sale
Porch pickup, shipping, or possibly delivery depending on location.

JF Forest Fire Digi $15.00
ORA German Blue Digi $10.00
JF Purple Tide Digi $15.00
WWC Papa Smurf $60.00
WWC Pink Duster $45.00
WWC Jello Shot $70.00
WWC Do the Dew Acro $40.00
WWC Yellow Tip $25.00
Pink Lemonade $45.00
Strawberry Shortcake $45.00
JF Blue Flower Cap $10.00
JF Purple Forest $35.00
JF Summer's Eve Acro $15.00
Hollywood Stunner Chalice $10.00
Rainbow Monti $25.00
JF Orange Dragon $15.00
JF Super Green Stag $15.00
JF Neon Green Hirsuta $15.00
JF Green Light Hirsuta $15.00
Hawkins Echinata $25.00
WWC Red Ferrari $35.00
JF Tubs Stellata $20.00
Purple Scrolling Turbinaria $20.00
TSA Acid Trip Millepora $90.00
Orange/Red Monti Cap $10.00
JF Northern Lights Acro $35.00
WWC Grafted Cap $55.00
TSA Fruity Pebbles Acro $90.00
WWC Purple Polyp Birdsnest $20.00
Lemon Lime Favites $20.00
Jedi Mindtrick $20.00
JF Yellow Bandit Chalice $20.00
Space Invader Chalice $20.00
RR Pink Cadillac $25.00
WWC Moonshine Acro $60.00
Green Sinularia $15.00

I can provide pics of mother colonies or frags if interested. I am willing to negotiate as well.
Plant Purple Azure Organism Violet
Purple Blue Underwater Organism Coastal and oceanic landforms
Flower Plant Purple Blue Nature
Plant Blue Flower Purple Organism
Flower Plant Blue Purple Azure
Blue Azure Natural environment Purple Underwater
Water Plant Vertebrate Blue Nature
Blue Purple Azure Organism Art