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Anyone have luck with these? Do you have any tips on how to be succesful?
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i just bought one from Kee's Aquariums a couple days ago. its a non-photosynthetic orange gorgonian.

they had these in the store for about 2 weeks or so, i never saw much polyp extension if any. i figure its because they are in a tank with many other corals and the competition for food in frag tanks like that is tough.

anyways brought it home and fed reef pearls to the tank and sure enough all of its polyps were out with a couple hours and has been like that since.

if you get a non photosynthetic gorg it wil require frequent feedings.
Anyone have luck with these? Do you have any tips on how to be succesful?
Most feeding frequency directions are bunk as they are with most fish, you don't need to feed them several times a day, I spot feed mine phyto about everyother day or less and it's happt

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Do you know if it is a NP one or are you unsure?
i should mention that i feed the tank home grown phyto and reef pearls daily. i am considering that to be frequent feedings.
Not sure what it is, but fairly confident it is like dputt88's. I got mine from Kee's the other day.
that exactly the one i have. i almost bought that frag too.

do you have coral food? kees sells coral frenzy. but its a pricey product. i ordered reef pearls from TB aquatics, you get 2x as much for the same price. kees might carry other stuff too, honestly i never looked.
Picked up that same exact piece from Kees 20 minutes ago
I have the same species and you can see the size and health, I just feed it reef nutrition photofeast every other day, I should mention I do put the MP40 on feeding mode to relax the current and spot feed...I would probably feed it daily if I raised my own phtyo like dputt, and yes I do consider every day "frequent feedings" which is ideal but most advice is multiple times a day which I think is unnecessary....also like other corals you can "train" it when to extend it's polyps

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I would spot feed mine with oyster eggs and cyclops with some phyto in it. i would turn off my pumps and use a 10 ml syringe and the polyps would all open up and you could see them grabbing the cyclops and eat it and open up and grab more.
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