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If your in the ares there re a couple of stores to check out. Solomon Seas(Grandville) BEAUTIFUL corals with good prices. ChowHound (28th & Eastern) They are just starting out with a few tanks. The fish seem to be healthy. The Live Rock is fantastic !!!!!!!!!! You need to be there close to shipments as it sells fast. Check with Scott (mgr) he's very helpfull. I purch my BlueSpot Jawfish and Occ. Clown. Both are doing great.
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Originally posted by krusk

I have a doubt about the store owner knowledge.

I have stoped by and talked to the owner.

He does NOT trust Southdown for DSB (he never used it and never see SD sand before.)

Me Do you know anything about T5?
Owner I do not trust T5HO lighting.
Me Have you see them in action?
Owner No
Me Have you ever see them before?
Owner No


That is the first time I stop at and also be the last time I visit his shop.

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I understand the sentiment, but this is not uncommon, and IMO not necessarily a sign of a bad or uneducated store or owner. Many of the "trends" in the hobby fly through so fast that some wait until they are more widely accepted before using them. Also, Southdown is one of those products that many are/were skeptically of. Some bags have been known to be unsifted and no one was really to sure until rather recently. I know Preuss uses deep crushed coral for their tanks and refuses to use anything else. T-5s are basically brand new yet and quite un-proven.

No defending him, but I don't think that is necessarily fair. Also, not everyone uses the internet the way we do.
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