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GRMAS October Meeting Minutes

·Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be held on Monday November 6th, 2006 in the Family Fare community room from 7pm-9pm. We will be discussing DIY projects and equipment. Please bring your DIY items or information about your favorite piece of equipment.

·Treasurer’s report: Please check out the grmas website for treasurer report. Ed will have checks available by the next meeting.

·Tshirts: Just a reminder, we have club t-shirts available for those who ordered them. Please see Gerde if you need to purchase your shirt.

·Swap discussion: Scott Yonkers and Wendi Soper have sent out original donation letters to potential sponsors. At the next meeting we will divide up the list of contacts to attempt to distribute phone calls to contact people for donations. We will consider contacting the Grand Valley Freshwater club to see if they have any extra saltwater supplies that have been donated to them. Last year there were between 300-400 people who attended our swap, club members have been spreading the news about this years event and hope to have a much larger turnout.

·Non-profit status: After researching the non-profit status some, we have discovered all other reefs clubs in MI, except us, and the Kalamazoo club currently have or are working on acquiring their non-profit status. After discussing the benefits of this further all club members present voted that we would like to look into this further to help decide if this is a step we can afford and would like to pursue. Reasons to pursue non-profit status: relieves liability, easier to get donations (tax breaks and receipts for donations from vendors), as a legitimate charity we can develop a better relationship with the community.

·Weekend Events: We will reschedule the rock making event for next year some time. Staurday November 11 will be the saltwater store tour at Aquatic Expressions and Mother’s Reef. We will be meeting to car pool at the Park and Ride at the South Beltline at 11:45am. Marc will contact these establishments to let them know we will be touring the stores that day. We will be going to Zap Zone Saturday December 2nd for glow in the dark miniature golf and laser tag.
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