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`GS Maroon Clownfish Pairs

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Hi everyone. I'm looking to get a pair of gs clowns for my tank. So far though the only pairs I've seen have been older fish with the stripes having already turned gold. Does anyone know where I could find a pair that are less than a year old wtill having white stripes?
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I was at Tropicorium the other day I know he had some pair. I don't know how old they were I didn't look.
You could always just get 2 small ones and they will pair up on there own
Before you buy, study the fish very carefully. I bought mine from Trop. It had a white tumor that was not apparant at the store. The tumor was located under the fish's fin. Unless the fish was swimming on the correct side, at the right angle, I did not see the tumor.
There are two different breeds, are you referring to the ones that are brigther red, those guys keep white stripes throughout their life.
The majority of the GS clowns I've seen have been the darker maroon. I did see a pair at Tropicorium a couple weeks ago that were pretty orange and had the gold stripes.
why may I ask do you want a pair of GSM's that have white stripes? If you want white stripes why not get a pair of WSM's? just curious?
and yes, tropicorium has the most pairs of anywhere I've seen, a bit pricing though $100.00, You could pair up your own, I did and it wasn't that difficult.
The reason that I'm looking for the GS clowns with the white stripes is because they are younger. Also, I'd like to see the stripes change over time.
Here is my pair with my rose bubble`

I picked this pair up at Aquatic Discoveries about 3 years ago for $60
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Thats a nice pic Mustang!
I had a mated pair with a BTA, but had to get rid of the female. She was always knocking over my corals even if they were on the other side of the tank, and this was in my 180g. The male is still in there cause I've never been able to catch him, he's small and fast. The female was about 6 inches and very beefy. The guy at the store where I tradded it in at said it had to be the largest one he's seen. That fish killed many of my corals, she would knock them over on top of other corals and they would sting each other badly before I would see them. I'm glad she's gone, I just wish I could have gotten the male out at the same time. The female Maroons can be very mean.[}}-|>>].
That is a awesome pic, makes me want to pick up a pair right now!
GSM change from the white stripes to gold between the ages of 12- 18 months. Also, if you buy two fish at that age they will most likely be the same size and therefor not compatible. Yeah, you might have a chance at having a grow out pair but not likely. Your best bet would be to first find a female you like (larger the better) and then pick up a young fish (male) with the white stripes you are looking for. Remember that LFS usually do not stock GSM's so young that they have entirely white stripes (because then they cannot be sold as GSM's)
Mustang what a great Shot, I bet they host all day long..
I want to get a Male(young) for my tank, what size is your tank?
My female looks exactly like the Larger in your pic.
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