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guidance on drilling a 14 biocube

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Hello all, I have a 14 biocube and I want to add a sump to my biocube so I can add a protein skimmer. I know people have said that a skimmer is not needed but after months and months of trying to lower my nitrates I really want to add something to help with nutrient export. I have tried everything to get my nitrates under 5 ppm but they are always high (15-20ppm average) and that with a very light bioload (2 clown fish) and very minimal feeding. I use a turkey baster to blow off the rocks and around the back compartment area as well.

Im running purigen, chempure elite with intank media basket. I have Steve's led SPS extreme led lighting.

I have a mixed reef and some of my SPS are doing well others are not.

My plan is to buy a 2nd biocube, drill it, then transfer over my hood over to the new biocube and add a sump with a skimmer.

I have seen videos on how to drill the back...but I have never plumbed and am totally clueless about how to go about the plumbing, where to drill the holes, how the compartment will play into the plumbing, etc.

Does anyone have a link to a video on where to drill the holes and best way to plumb the system or any helpful tips?
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