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Recently reset the aqua-scape in our tank and have narrowed down to the shortlist of wants as far as corals go. Tank is 125 gallon DT with dual 30 gallon sumps. We have managed to "perfect" the flow patterns and have enough flow at the top to keep SPS happy and a low enough flow down lower for the Euphyllia to be happy.

1) Teal Hammer or Frogspawn - found this one - so just 2 left to go
2) Purple Hammer or Frogspawn
3) Orange Octospawn - found this one too - just one left to go

Looking to purchase these items localish to Warren, MI (48088) as I know they do not ship overly well. I travel to Ortonville area every other Sunday so have some flexibility in area and will travel within reason (45ish minutes) to pick up the perfect specimens.

We are in no rush at all and will hold out for exactly what we are looking for.
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