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Premium Aquatics and Santa have teamed up for a great Saturday for our locals on 12/21/19 from 12pm to 3pm!* The*stockings are stuffed with some great corals, fish and inverts this weekend for all reefers to enjoy.* There are some extremely cool fish this week at unbelievable prices also.* Check out the sneak peak below and click on the list for the full availability!* We sure hope you can sneak out of the Holiday Parties to stop in to see what we have in store for you.

SPEND $100 in livestock this Saturday, get 10% off of your order PLUS a Livestock Loyalty card punch
(livestockcan not already be on*sale or on special to qualify)

Absolutely Gorgeous Fish Shipment this week!!
Girdled*Fairy Wrasse - Uncommon and Gorgeous!
Female Swallowtail Angel - Reef Safe
Female Lamarck Angel - Reef Safe
Foxface Rabbitfish - Algae monster, even bubble algae!
White Cheek Tang - Stunning fish - like an all black powder blue tang*

Guam Chromis - unique and from the other side of the world...
Christmas Wrasse - obviously right?
Tailspot Blennies - gotta love these little guys
Redspot False Coris Wrasse - tricked ya!
Laboute's Fairy Wrasse - WOW, stunning!
Female Hooded Flame Wrasse - on sale now, 2 available at $44.99 each
Plus all of the routine reef staples and lots more!!

Emerald Crabs back in stock, Green Bubble tip and Rose Bubble tip anenomes, Feather Dusters, Tiger Brittle Starfish, Serpent Banded Starfish, Red Brittle starfish, Arrow crabs and we even have a very limited quantity of Peppermint shrimp in stock for the holidays!!**
* * **
Porcelain Crabs are now in stock!* Did you know?? They are*reef safe, and will not harm other invertebrates or corals. The*Porcelain Crab*constantly filters the water for planktonic food, but will also scavenge for larger meaty portions.* There is even a Sexy Shrimp TRIO ready for their next nano tank.* These are on sale right now - 3 for $30 this Saturday - they're sexy and they know it!!!
Our scratch n' dent salt and sand pallet has been added to, as well as our clearance rack up front.* Take a look at our open box and clearance section before you head down and save some extra holiday cash to buy that special something for that special someone!**

NEW $10 Duncan frags, Torch Corals, Hammer Corals, and even some new mushrooms!* Our $10 to $30 coral section is packed with deals and steals.* This is a great time to come in and get some new pieces for your reef and treat yourself to something special this holiday season.
* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * *
From our family here at Premium Aquatics to yours, we wish you all a very happy holiday and happy new year!* Thank you all so much for helping Premium Aquatics have another great year! We sure hope to see you this Saturday 12/21/19 from 12pm to 3pm, right here at our piece of the ocean in Edinburgh!* MERRY FISHMAS TO YOU ALL, and TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!**
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