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Has anybody bought from farms of the sea?

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I bought the select zoa package, And had mixed responses from some people at rc about frag size.
Let me tell you they are very good sized portions. I will definately buy more off of them the next time i look to buy anything. Most of the zoa's came in with about 20 to 30 polyps with the exception of the red people eaters, But as i heard from other people that have them they grow 1 polyp per month on average, So i understand about that.
It came very timely, And all of the zoa's are outstanding. I haven't seen these on his site so it definately is a mystery to what you'll get, But i am very happy with what i got. He also threw in a very nice yuma, And another frag of zoa's. So 8 very good sized frags for 200 with shipping is outstanding.
I'll post pics after they are done acclimating and fully opened up.
Sorry for rambling on, But don't listen to the nay sayers about farms.:D
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Stop rambling on and post the web site :D so I can check em out!:p

Its always good to hear when people are happy with their order, but I cant seem to get to their web page :confused:

Can not wait to see the pic's!!!!


Blane Perun's site:)
Heres their web sit, But they are all out of most of teh zoanthids and paly's. They had 6 pages full of sweet zoa;s a couple weeks ago, And it dwindled down fast.
I read somewhere that they won't be shipping for a little bit untill blane(Owner) Gets back.
Don't judge them with the stock they have right now. They don't have much in right now, And i dunno when they get anymore.
Thanks for the link I will check them out. I just ordered from Quality Corals, I like getting new corals for my tank sooo exciting.

I just got a shipment from quality corals. Excellent!! Thats my first experience with them but it was a good one.

I know what you mean. I felt like a kid waiting for christmas day.
Heres a couple pics, But the majority hasn't fully opened up yet. They have only been in there a couple hours.
This one looks like an egg with a green skirt.

I believe these were called monster colony. you can see the red people eaters behind them.

The next is a dark pic you cant really see the pink in the ones to the right, But there are some crazy HUGE palys on the left. They almost look like aiptaisia with the long tenticles.
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