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HELP. red bugs??

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After doing a dip on one of my new frags, a lot of what were falling off were reddish little guys- first thought was "red bugs" but they seem to move more like little slugs and are about the size of "o" when i took a couple of the dead ones out of the water they were very fragile and almost like disinegrated. Could these be red bugs or am I just being paranoid? If they arent red bugs then what are they?
(My brother took the digi to Canada with him so i couldn't get a pic- i tried with my webcam- but all you can make out in the pic from webcam are little dots in a bowl.)
Please respond asap.
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Is it possible for red bugs to host any corals besides sps, are they known to live on lps or any softies?

Im pretty sure it isnt, but i just wanted to double check for kelly.
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