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HELP with baby clam!

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I am new to clam keeping. I JUST bought a 3-4" duresa about a week ago and it is currently doing fine.

I bought a rock with about 12 ricordia polyps on it. When I inspected it today, I noticed that one of the ricordia is planted on top of a baby clam. The clam might be about 1" or maybe smaller. When the ricordia opens up, it kinda hides/spreads over the clam.

When I looked carefully, I could see the clam was open. The mantle looked brown with white spots. But it was very difficult to see as the clam did not open much. The shell has ridges, it might be a squamosa??? I do not know.

Here is my problem. The clam is positioned such that if I reposition the rock so the clam is facing up to get light, then I will squash some of the ricordia.

I cannot pry the clam out of the rock. One of its valves is entirely buried in the rock.

Is there a way to remove the ricordias without damaging/killing them so that I can reposition the rock?

I tried target feeding it today, but it just shut up tight. I've read you are supposed to target feed baby clams.

Any suggestions for this newbie would be GREATLY appreciated!!! I would love to save this clam if it is within my abilities.

Please help ASAP!!![-bigmouth]
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Skyler, I would just try to take a really sharp razor, and cut the nearest rics as close as possible to the rock/clam, and remove them from the piece. Then take a leftover piece of LR, or a small piece in the tank, buy some toole from a fabric store (ask...they'll know what it is if my spelling is wrong) cover the rics LOOSELY with the toole, mouth-side up of course, binding the fabric underneath the rock with a rubber band or string. Leave it alone for a week or 2 and the rics should re-attach themselves to the rock. Worked for me...hope this helps! If I lived closer to Ypsi, I'd offer to come over and look at things with you. This weekend I may be going to the Trop, if you'd like a visual opinion this Sunday, I'll see what I can do.
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