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Help with gurgling noises from overflow box

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Can anybody make suggestions on getting rid of that gurgling noise from the overflow box?

The water draining starts to make that tornado looking funnel into the tube and that's when the noise starts.

I am running a Mag7 return.

Even with the sponge on the inlet tube, it still makes noise. Sometimes I will even get water surges into the sump. It's very bizzare!
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um... i take it is an external overflow box? if it is look into the durso modification for external overflows? there is also a stockman modification that will fit in external overflow, BUT if its on overflow in the tank do a durso modification easy and under 5 bucks!

its easy, cheap, and WORKS great! just get the size of the air hole right and it works like a charm!

im sure it will just make sure the air hole is the right size, you have to do testing to see what is the best size, also this WILL slow the amount of water you can drain so take that into account too,

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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