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Help with MH lighting!!!!!

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I need some help with MH lighting.
I am in the process of upgrading my VHO/ PC Lighting system to a MH/VHO system.
I've visited my local elec supply and have come up with several options in ballasts for MH.
MY plan is to go with 2-175 W 10K MH lights with supplemental 2-110 VHO Actinics.

My question.....
What is the best ballast to use.
The options seem to be a 1)std. core & coil, 2)F-Can(sealed like a flour. ballast), 3)electronic ballast.

The price of each is significantly more expensive from core & coil to electronic.

What are the advantages of each setup??
Are the double costs for a electronic worth the money?
Do F-Can ballast "hum" loudly??

Any help or experience would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.
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I have purchased from ebay the following ballasts

Advance 17500W Metal Halide Lamp Ballast 120/277 Volt
Catalog No. 72C5581-NP
For use with (1) 175W M57 Metal Halide Lamp
or (1)H39 Mercury Lamp or (1)150W M107 Metal Halide Lamp
High Power Factor Type 1 CW Auto - Transformer

These are the F-Can (tar) style ballast.
They will fire all ANSI M-57 bulbs.
I plan on using XM 175W 10000K Bulbs
I'm gonna buy some spider reflectors & mogul sockets from Hellolights.

I wasn't set of 175w until I got a great deal on these ballasts.

My tank is 24" dp.

Yes, I plan on having a few SPS in my tank.
I have a Monti in there now that is doing ok under the current VHO/PC lighting setup.
Figure it will only get better with new lighting.

Soooo...My final plan is as follows.

2 x 175W 10000K Halides
2 x 110W Actinic 03 VHO Flourescent

Any comments???????
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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