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I've got a 45 gallon clarity plus acrylic hexagon tank that I'm not using, it's drilled in two places on the back side and is watertight, it could use a buff, but there aren't any major scratches that I don't think could be removed. Though there are some white nicks on the front right corner. It would make a great quarantine tank or could be buffed out and paired with a pendant light for a display.

Also, I have since given the sand to a friend, so the tank is empty, but on the plus side it is lighter.

Asking $100 or best offer

Also, I have a 48" 6 bulb T5 fixture with blue moonlights, all of the bulbs are probably at the end of their lives, however only one is actually burned out. All sockets work, but one of the end caps is missing, since the previous owner removed it to fit an acrylic hood. I used it for about a year before switching to LEDs.

$75 obo

SpectraPure MPRO-15 RODI unit. Needs new filters and tubes to connect the filters, all housings are in good shape though. Does not have the TDI meter.

$50 obo

Don't be shy about making me an offer on the above stuff, I won't be offended, and I mostly just want it gone.

Finally, I have two fish that I'm selling, an about 4.5 inch Clarkii clown, and a 3 inch Red Stripe Angel. Both are healthy, but the Clarkii is a bit of a bully so he would probably do best with larger more aggressive fish, and the Red Stripe seems to have a taste for the clove polyp coral that was in the tank with it, it doesn't seem interested in yellow polyp though. Live Aquaria lists this species as "Reef Safe with caution".

$15 for the Clarkii Clown and $20 for the Red Stripe Angel, or I would be willing to trade either for pretty much any reef safe docile fish you've got.

The pics of the tank ended up tiny, but I can email you hi-res one if you message me.

EDIT: Clarkii Clown is sold. Lights are sold.



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