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Deltec TC2560 Exteranl skimmer, with feed pump
Cant say enuff good things about this thing.

Reeflo Orca250. External.
Old school beast of a skimmer. Jams. Will need feed pump. Price reflected

GEO 612 Calcium Reactor set up.
In use now, but ready to go. Plug and play. Co2 tank, controller, probe, feedpump

Refractomer. $20

Ozone Reator set up. Reefoctopus ozone reactor, poseidon generator, controler, probe, drier bead reactor

The generator needs a replacement part. Price reflected. Paid $900 for it all new

Deltec Calcium Reactor.
Just the reactor itself. Missing parts. Price reflected.

1 Jaebo RW-8, 2 tunze and 2 koralia power heads all similar size to the jaebo. $20 each. Will make deals if buying multiples.

Sicce Syncra 12.0 return pump. 3200 gph

Sfiligoi T5 Metal Halide fixture.
Best made t5 ive seen. 4 t5 plus 250DE halide
Paid 700 new

TEK T5. 6bulb 36in

Bashea media reactor. Blue

Can send pics of bigger items if needed

Message me here or txt 586-924-9977
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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