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Hobby Frustrations

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Woke up this morning to no power. My 29 nano had already consumed the battery backup that has 1 heater and 1 power head on it. Tank was at 71°. I immediately grabbed a cup and kept scooping up water and pouring it in to get some oxygen. Started the generator and did a damage assessment. Purple rain acro and purple digi look like a loss. Orange digi doesn't look good.

On top of that a 55 gal planted freshwater w/sump had a something go wrong and flooded the floor. Ive turned the pump on and off 10 times this morning and it won't flood. I'm at a loss.

Sorry, just needed to vent. Wife is scared to talk to me cause I'm running around frantically while cussing at DTE.
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Sorry to hear, i have been there. Lost my whole tank 3 years ago while on vacation and power went out. 3, 5 gallon buckets full of acro skeletons. If the digi doesnt make it , hit me up and i will hook you up with some replacements.
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