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Well woke up this morning to my tank at 95F... I just picked up a new blenny, goby and pistol shrimp 2 days ago and they seemed to really be doing well...however..

The night when I brought them home I came in and my heater was stuck on and the tank was up to about 90 ..so I went and picked up a new heater...one with a temp setting rather than just +/- and installed it..everything was great.. I didn't even think about where the controls were..I was just happy to have the new heater... So...my 22 month old found the knob...and cranked it up...and my tank baked all night... What was I thinking! I never thought about him messing with the knob..
The Casualties so far..
Brittle star
Serpent star
My snails...
NEW Yasha Hasi Goby
NEW Bi-color Blenny
I assume the pistol shrimp since I cannot find him...
Survivors - so far
8 hermit crabs
2 percula clowns (hopefully they will be fine they are still active and seem to be acting normal..

The Blenny seemed so happy too....

I've read all the horror stories but never figured it would happen to me... and I'm just starting too..

-ARIS :(

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I also had a bad morning on Friday. I was woken up by my wife early to tell me my favorite fish Spot was on the carpet dead. He was a blue spot jaw. I had him for almost a year. I still can't figure out how he got out. The tank is totally covered. I'll have to start saving now for another one.:( :(
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