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how to rid of caulerpa in a nano

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I have a 20L that has grown over with caulerpa. It's rooted into the rock. what are my options for removal without cooking?
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borrow a tang or pull iy out from time to time
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pm me about possibly using my foxface or small sailfin tang. Cleaned up my 75 gallon that was COVERED in about 3 weeks. They could probably clean your tank in a matter of weeks...
Jim and mat - a tang would be okay in my 20 for a short amount of time?

Jsdelle- it's all you if youre local. Just spent 2 hours pulling it out of my tank.
Put the rock in a bigger tank with a rabbit fish, or tang, or sea hare
if u know some one who has a small 1 will be ok for a couple of weeks i would think
kees aquariums has had some pretty small foxfaces in stock. although i dont know how fast they'll grow up eating all that algae. on the plus side, you wont have to feed it, lol.
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