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How to setup a quarantine tank?

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What is the easiest / cheapest way to setup a quarantine tank? After I get my 100 up, I will have a 20L, 2- no light strips, a CPR bakpack and a Aquaclear Mini (I think for 15 g?) filter. Can I use this equipment, or do I need different?

Is this a tank that can be setup and taken down as needed? I had to agree to 1 saltwater tank for wife approval on the 5' tank, so I cant have it running forever.

Could I just mix some tank water with some "fresh" salt water and maybe a live rock out of the display tank and call it good? Im going to be moving my inhabitants from my 29 into the 100, but I will be adding more fish, so I want to do things right this time.
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You may want to mark the equipment you use with the QT tank, so that you never get it mixed up. You won't want to use it on the main tank at all anymore. You don't want to transfer any of the chemicals to the main tank. Just a side note.
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