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How to setup a quarantine tank?

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What is the easiest / cheapest way to setup a quarantine tank? After I get my 100 up, I will have a 20L, 2- no light strips, a CPR bakpack and a Aquaclear Mini (I think for 15 g?) filter. Can I use this equipment, or do I need different?

Is this a tank that can be setup and taken down as needed? I had to agree to 1 saltwater tank for wife approval on the 5' tank, so I cant have it running forever.

Could I just mix some tank water with some "fresh" salt water and maybe a live rock out of the display tank and call it good? Im going to be moving my inhabitants from my 29 into the 100, but I will be adding more fish, so I want to do things right this time.
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Thanks everyone!!!
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