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how was the conference

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wanted to go bad, but at least it was a beautiful day out. what goes on at the con. anyone videotape it?
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Sally Jo and Leroy cracked me up. Very informative and entertaining. That Leroy is quite a caractor. All the speakers were good, and Borneman is always interesting with all his studies.
Also another great thing is the great deals you can get there. I bought a SQWD, and a new DI cartridge for my RO/DI for cheaper then I could order on line. Then to make things even better I won a pump, witch I was going to buy one for my SQWD, in the raffle. By the way, what is 3000 liters per day in gallons. The pump I won is a Hailea pump and all the writing on box and instructions is in Japanese. Anyone ever heard of these pumps.
Thanks, I thought it was more, cause this pump is huge and heavy for only like 800gph. It's much bigger then a Mag 9.5. Heck it only cost me $10 for tickets, so I'm not complaining.
Yes , works submersed or in line. I wanted to put it on my 180g. But I 'm looking for something around 1200 to 1400gph for that tank. This one will be perfect though for my 85g. I'm going to hook it up to the SQWD that I bought there. I'm going to hook it up in a closed loop, with two outlets on each side of tank. I think it will be like a surge devise that will surge both ways, I hope. The SQWDs were sold for $35 at the Conf. That's the same price as on line with out shipping.
How was the party at Maries. I didn't go, but wanted to. My wife had to work most of the day so my boys were home alone and I didn't want to neclect them any more, even though they're old enough to take care of them selfs,(12 and 15) I just don't like leaving them for too long. Probably because I remember how I was when my perants were gone.:D .
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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