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HQI 70w on 29g?

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I have a 24" CSL hood with 2 65w lights on my 15g now. I would really like to stick the same hood on a 29g which is 30" long. I also want to stick an HQI bulb in there like some people are doing on nano-reef.com. I'm worried that a 150 watter would be a little too warm though and may burst my compacts.

I plan to keep a ton of zoanthids. Only other corals would be GSP, a xenia, ricordia, some shrooms, and a few other easy softies. So my question is, will I have any lighting worries if I put these corals under a 70w halide?

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Yeah exactly like KrackerG's setup. :)
I figure I might as well just upgrade this setup since I've already spent the money on it. I can't afford to sell this and buy a new fixture. Plus it'd cost $95 for a kit without the bulb from a guy on nano-reef.com. Then I can buy a $40 bulb for it from Catalina. Just gotta find the link... :p

I forgot about his 30" CSL setup. It's the same bulbs as my 24" CSL, but a little longer and with 2 70w HQIs. I'm not sure if a 150w might be too much light for softies. I guess I'll try out 1 70w and if growth seems too slow or I don't like the shadows, I'll just buy another 70w. :)

Thanks for the help! ;)
Really? :(

I read somewhere that double ended bulbs where twice as powerful as single ended bulbs. So the 70w HQI should be like a 140w single end. Is this true? Are they really any more powerful than single ended bulbs? I know they don't wear out as fast and I think they use less electicity, but other than that, what is the benefit? Perhaps I should post this question in another post?
A 150w would be squeezed in right next to my power compacts. Do you think I need to worry about the heat shattering them? I'll have 2 fans, one on each side, but it'll still be a little crowded. Also, should I worry about a 150w melting any of my softies? I'm going to build a sps tank in a couple years, so I'm not going to need to upgrade this tank. Softies only for me. :)

How do you know if a light is too strong/too weak for a certain coral other than trying it out and seeing if the coral flourishes? Would a lux meter ($60-70 I think) be a good investment? How much/many lux do softies like? How many is too much and how many is too little?
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