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HQI 70w on 29g?

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I have a 24" CSL hood with 2 65w lights on my 15g now. I would really like to stick the same hood on a 29g which is 30" long. I also want to stick an HQI bulb in there like some people are doing on nano-reef.com. I'm worried that a 150 watter would be a little too warm though and may burst my compacts.

I plan to keep a ton of zoanthids. Only other corals would be GSP, a xenia, ricordia, some shrooms, and a few other easy softies. So my question is, will I have any lighting worries if I put these corals under a 70w halide?

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IMO a 70w MH is not worth the money . . . its just not intense enough to really be all that effective, especially on a 30 gallon tank. I would go with a 150w and just raise it to prevent burn and overheating. 70's just are not worth it.
generally yeah, they are more efficient. They last longer, are brighter, and more energy efficient.

BUT anything less than the 150 watters and you are losing basically all the benefit of using DE bulbs. A 70 watt bulb just doesnt have the intensity needed to be effective on a marine tank. Its like putting a 60w incandescent over your tank. It just doesnt have the wattage to really put out traditional "MH" intensity.
Plus, a 150w DE MH costs like what $10-20 more than 70?

Go with the 150's . . . . you'll be much happier.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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