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i want 2 get this tank (link inside) what fish would do well?? any ideas

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A clown, or possibly two small clowns would be nice.

Maybe a royal gramma.

Nanos look great, just can't put many fish in them. Now inverts, stars, shrimp, crabs, snails, that's what makes nanos so cool.
Lionfish, patience and planning are the two key ingredients to this hobby. What I would suggest you do is this (and in this order):
1) Figure out what you want your tank to be. Examples include, fish only tank, fish only with live rock, fish with soft coral, fish with hard coral, just soft coral, or just hard coral.
2) Figure out what type of fish or coral you want that fit in your answer to question one. Examples include, angels, clowns, tangs, gobies, etc.
3) Explore and read, read, and read some more about the fish and coral you picked in number 2. Figure out what their requirements are.
4) Figure out if you can afford/take care of/have the space for, the requirements from number 3.
5) Setup the tank, and go SLOW. The quickest way to a bad or sub par tank is to not only go fast, but to not go slow.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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