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Hi, i ended up with an extra 660, since i got halides. It hold 4 4fters, or 3 6fters. It comes with the wiring if you prefer. Its 1 1/2 old works fine. Any other questions just ask

ballast and wiring 100
just the ballast 75

I also have a 25 watt uv sterlizer, the only thing its missing is the bulb. But has the ballast for the bulb and the rest of the components works fine also. Its a lifeguard in case you were wondering

70obo, never really priced these guys to see what they are worth, but make a offer if you think im too high

I also still have my 4 tanks that are drilled on the other thread
50 breeder $40
33's $25 each
15 $15

Im also up for trades on everything, im looking for calc reactor components, a nice skimmer, return pumps, or any mh lighting ballasts. If you have any lps's or sps's that can alway help you pay too lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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