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id of algae and how to get rid of it

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I have a nuisance algae I can not seem to remove from my aquarium.
The parameters of my tank are as follows pH 8.3, nitrites undetectable, nitrates less than .2ppm, calcium 420 ppm, ammonia undetectable, alkalinity 9 dKH, sg 1.023-1.025, phosphates undetectable, temp 78 to 80 degrees F., lights are 150 metal halide 12000 k bulb on 10 hours with 2 supplemental actinic bulbs. i use the new Red Sea pro kit and Seifert test kits. I have a bare bottom tank and use ro/di system water.
I do weekly water changes of 10 percent. Any help with id would be appreciated.


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Looks like dyno, excess nutrients would be the cause. What test kits are you using ? Could be reading low because the algae is using it up. I had it when I first cycle tanks, but I found it went away faster by using a tooth brush and scrubbing it off the rocks. I either siphoned it out or let it go into the over flow and my skimmer got the rest. I then continued with water changes and I haven't seen it in close to two years on the one tank
Id also move your lights down to 8hrs and not sure, but the bare bottom might be helping it cuz it doesn't have all the extra bacteria that the dsb would have
ID of nusiance algae

This algae has distinct main stem that branches into 4 or 5 smaller segmnets. It will not vacuum up, it is a real bugger to pull off the rocks everything about dyno states it is easy to vacuum off the surface.
It's kind of hard to see it in your pic, can you get a better one and use photobucket or something to post it so it's not so small?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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