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Ideas for Refugium

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29 gallon tank with 1 Gramma, 2 Cleaner shrimp, 7 hermits, 5 nassarius & 1 turbo. maybe 1 or 2 clowns later on. No coral now but later maybe?
I just purchased a 10 gal tank for a refugium and have two questions.
1- over or under main tank. I have a shelving system for my lighting to hang over my tank and have space to put the fuge directly over the main tank. I've heard that this is better due to the gravity flow back into the tank.
Or the fuge can fit under the tank hidden by the cabinet. My tank is in my living room so I figured this may be better as it's out of sight. I figured if overhead i can drill a hole for an overflow pipe to run back to the main tank. Or if underneath I can rig up a sump without having to drill anything.

2- After reading the posts I'm looking at miracle mud but can't decide on what plants to add. any suggestions? maybe some live rock also in the fuge?
My goal is better water quality and for some food to flow back to main tank.
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1) Putting fuge over tank is better, but putting under is very good too. With fuge above you save room in fuge for more rock and algae because you won't have to put a devider in for a pump, there's not alot of room in a 10g. Either way will work. Putting fuge above and using gravity is so pods don't have to go through pump to get back to main tank, but I would say most of the pods make it through the pump ok.

2) Alot of people like to use Cheatomorpha(wire algae), it doesn't go asexual and makes a great place for pods to multiply.

i've been thinking about doing the same thing. let me know how you design it and how it works as i would like to do the same thing.

If your 29 is not drilled, then I would have the 10 gal drilled, and put it above your tank. That way you won't need a siphon overflow box.

If you get the 10 gal drilled, don't glue the inner drain pipe, that way you can get in there if something clogs it. Pressure fit works just fine... but do glue the external pipes... learned from experience there :)

Chaeto works great by the way, I have been running a skimmerless 38gal with a 15 gal fuge for a year now.
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