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IM Nuvo 30 Long All in One Full Setup

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IM Nuvo 30 Long All in One Full Setup - Separating Livestock for $200

Looking to sell full setup and tank, preferably as a whole (currently up and running) or parted out provided there is sufficient interest.

Price for the full tank as standing with all equipment is $900 OBO, including livestock. It is likely there are more goodies than listed below. Would suit new owner, or someone interested in a nice sized All in One. Reason for sale is that don't have time anymore for the tank, lost a couple of my favorites during a power outage last summer, and recently discovered I have significant allergy issues which preclude me from working on it without reactions.

Tank Setup:
IM Nuvo 30L All In One with black stand (stand has minor water damage but functions fine), with upgraded baskets, return pump, rotating nozzles etc.
Vortex MP10
Vortec battery backup
MP40 Upgraded to QD (have original controller as well)
Second MP40 QD with everything but the in tank pump part (which failed). Works fine just needs a new head.
Tunze 3155 ATO
Reefbreeders Photon V2 with remote
IM Ghost Skimmer
Tunze submersible sump light.
Eheim heater,
Spare 100W quality heater for water changes,
Full set of salifert test kits (Mg/Ca/KH-Alk/Ph/NO3/Nitrate/NH4/Phos)
Quality refractometer.
90 GPD APEC RO system
Other goodies: Half a box of Reef Crystal salt, full bag of sand, auto siphon, net, kalkwasser, reef dip, filter media, magnet scraper etc. etc.

15-20lb of live rock + sand. Some nice good sized pieces with cool structure and some dead SPS structures as well. Not going to lie, there is some nuisance aptasia, a few bristles and algae.
3 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones (will separate if I have to).
Neon Candy Cane, Blue candy cane.
Orange Riccordea
Green Favia (not in the best shape)
Lord Howe Acans (not in the best shape but with care could easily come back - its a big colony).
Other possible corals - to be honest, I'm not sure whats still doing ok, but there may be a few other gems in there that could be recovered.

Can show a newer owner how to set up tank/ do regular water changes and general cleaning. Can provide pictures and more details to interested parties.
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If you were closer i would be interested in the livestock
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