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Hey there — I'm a public radio reporter, and I'm trying to get in touch with slapshot, aka author of the Bobbit Worm Chronicles.

I work for a weekly health-and-science show, and we're doing an episode about pests. I found the Bobbit Worm Chronicles on reddit, and after describing it to our team, everyone really wanted to hear the story in the dude/tte's own words.

(Sorry to spam the forum with this request — I tried messaging slapshot directly, but got a message that I have "not met the minimum requirements to unlock this feature" and had to start with an introduction thread.)

I'm hoping this post will get me enough site cred to message slapshot... but if not, I'd love any suggestions of how to contact them, or even just one of the mods.

Any input would be super welcome! My work email is [email protected]. Thanks so much!
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