Innovative Marine NUVO 75 Gallon INT Aquarium w/ black APS Stand

Reef Octopus Elite 150 SSS 6" Super Saver Cone Protein Skimmer

AI Prime Fuse Light

BRS 7 Stage RODI

Eco Tech MP40 Power Heads- Mobius Ready

Hydra 32 HD Lights (2) w/ stands

Ecotech Vectra S2 Return Pump

Tunze ATO 3155
Synergy Reef 5 Gallon Reservoir

AI Fuge Light

Trigger Emerald 26 Refugium

Ink Bird- WiFi Aquarium Heater Controller w/ 1-200 w heater and 1 - 100 w heater

Coral Pro Salt/ Red Sea 175 Gallon Mix

70 lbs Figi Live Rock

All livestock gone, few pieces of coral left on rock (rock anenome, chalice, scroll coral, hammer coral)

Over $8,000 invested in setup, everything was bought all new February 2021.

Have more photos of underneath setup*