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Inreef excellent communication and service

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I would like to commend Brian and Joe at Inreef.com. They are very easy to deal with and will talk you through any problems you might have. I purchased two xm 20k bulbs and when I got them, they were way to blue. So they shipped me new 10k bulbs, before I even sent back their 20k bulbs. Needless to say, the 10k bulbs are awesome. The only cost to me was the shipping on the 20k bulbs back to them. They also have bulkheads and pvc y fittings cheaper than anyone. The y's work so much better than a tee fitting. BTW, they have an advertisement on here. I have also used Custom Aquatic for a pump and their service was excellent also.
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I just ordered some bulbs and they were great!
I bought the used for $45. We'll see how it is? The do have great prices!
Shoot for the price, you can't beat it!
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