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I am going to get out of the hobby for a few months due to moving and work. Here is what I am selling.

Dry goods:

29Gallon Deep Blue Aquarium $30 obo
Pinewood stand (black/brown) $50 obo
Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer PS1 $25 ( in box)
Fluval Sea Marine and Reef 2.0 LED $50 (in box) SOLD
10 Gallon deepblue tank $10
2 Aquaclear 50 HOB filter $20
1 Aquaclear 20 HOB filter $8

Live goods:
1 medium bluehead wrasse $10
30lbs of live rock with coraline algae $60 (there are some corals growing on the rocks)
20lbs of live rock $35

Deal (all livestock/liverock) $160
30lbs of live rock with coraline algae and some corals (zoanthids & asterospicularia)
20lbs of live sand
Euphylia coral 3 heads with 2 colors
5 green hairy mushrooms
2 blue mushrooms
some zoanthids
1 small pink bubble tip anemone
1 blood shirmp
1 Asterospicularia frag
2 sexy shrimp
1 bluehead wrasse

Tank and Stand $80
Deep blue 29g aquarium
Black/Brown Pinewood stand (has space for sump)

PM for more details or text 5175056016.

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