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Pulled from a running system.

Supper quite and working fan $70.00 OBO Price drop $60.00 price drop $50.00 now $40.00

General Web Info below

Amazon Link

Amazon.com : Iwaki WMD40RLT Water Pump - (American Motor) : Inline Aquarium Water Pumps : Pet Supplies

General info from the web

American motor pressure rated water pump.
3/4 inch MPT inlet and outlet
1/12 HP Motor output.
3200 RPM motor speed.
120 volt
1.90 amps.
Max flow 13.7 GPM.
720 GPH at 6 feet of head
Max head 21.3 ft
Max system pressure 14.22 psi.

Iwaki water pumps are magnetic driven, seamless pumps for use on either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. These pumps have a low heat exchange rate combined with quiet operation. Also the Iwaki pumps have a highly durable and aquarium tested design.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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