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Just curious........

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.......how did you decided on your user ID ? What does it mean?


Deb. tell us what it means anyway, LOL
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I assume this is a general question to ALL of us....

Mine is a character from a book series called "The Necroscope" by Brian Lumley. Anyone who is a fan of vampires will enjoy these tales....very interesting spin on the whole myth.....check it out!

There's like 12 or 13 books in the series now, 400-600 pages on average....hope you have some free time!
I have no imagination:(

its the new me LOL

NEO: because I was addicted to the matrix...... I am the enigma that is the matrix!
I used sugarbaby on aim --my birds name
Oh yeah-and I used to use MommaQuake on mirc and ICQ when I was running a whole home network dedicated to playing Quake3-
My husband,son, and several friends who were always over playing because we were the only ones with a cable connection.
Lan server, lan parties
That was fun:D
Skippy is what they for some reason came up with for a name for me when I got into the buss of electric. Electrician, if you didnt figure it out is cause I am an electrician.
Tell us about yours Mucho
Mucho means large or great in Spanish. My goal is to someday have a 210 gallon reef filled with rare and exotic zoos only. I want it to be unlike anything I have ever seen. I want it to be the most realistic perception of the ocean floor ever created. Not to compete or over shadow anyone's system, it's just my vision and it will happen very soon. 12 different pink zoos, 12 blues, 12 reds, 12 oranges and 12 yellows. An underwater rainbow, close your eyes, can't you see it ? It will be my own great reef, my own living, breathing, thriving ecosystem..................... my own MUCHO REEF.

The Zoo Guru
Every vehicle I have ever owned has been a Dodge (Mopar). It's Mopar or no car for me.
Mopar-love the sig!
Mopar that signature is killing me!!
My nick. was sort of by accident..... When we got our first pc in '98, my daughter wanted to go to 'chat', so I sat down with her to figure it all out (we didn't even know what 'Windows' was at that point)
Found chat, I watched/helped her chat for awhile, under the 'guest' name, until someone explained about signing up... So, after sending her to bed, I sat there for over an hour trying to find names that weren't taken (I did NOT want to be a blahblah123) Don't like numbers, that means someone got there before you :p

Ultimately, I made 3 or 4 names for her... she adopted one (Gurlee), and I got this one by default cuz I'm lazy and didn't feel like wasting another 1 1/2 hours trying to find one. After a very short time, everyone started calling me that, hubby included.

Now I just have to figure out how to stop people from thinkin' my name is Sue :D
A firend of mine's grandfather was a real nice old Italian Jeweler. He did work for the boy's in Chicago and was quite an intersting fellow with tons of storries so that's how I came up with JimmyTheJeweler.
I have always been into cars, especially Ford's. When Ford started their high performance SVT division I just had to have one of their vehicles. In 1993 I bought the first model Lightning truck (still have it with under 30k miles too). So back then I used the name of my truck, Lightning + SVT= Lightngsvt. Not sure why I didnt just spell it out the whole way?
Last name Newton, buddies just shortened it up to Newts.
Mine is my nickname that has stuck with me from high school, through college, and still continues.

My last name is McGill....so Gillis just kinda fit. :D

Mine is from an old nickname based on a cartoon no longer aired called Touche' Turtle. My last name is Touchette (pronounced Touche') I use Touche' Turtle on RC, shortened it to Turtle for MR.
The Fig Newton is a soft, cake-like cookie filled with fig jam.

Fig Newtons were created in 1891 by the Kennedy Biscuit Company, a Massachusetts-based bakery. The company named many of their products after surrounding communities. The Fig Newton was named after nearby Newton, Massachusetts.

The Kennedy Biscuit Company merged with other regional bakeries in 1898 to form the National Biscuit Company, which later became Nabisco. The cookie is now produced by Nabisco.

The machine that makes the cookie consists of a funnel within a funnel. The inner funnel contains the filling, and the outer funnel contains the dough. The machine expresses a long length of filled cookie, which is then baked, cut into smaller pieces, and packaged.

Nabisco makes several varieties of the Newton, including Stawberry, Raspberry and Apple Newtons.
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