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Here is my current setup.
1. 17 gallon refugium, made out of an underbed plastic storage box.
2.40 gallon long all glass
3.35 acrylic hex
All of the above are plumbed together I have an 80 watt t12 setup on the ref. A MH250 on 3/4 of the 40. No light on the 35 yet.(Looking for a pc or MH pendant).
the ref. is setup with calurpa and some LR. The 35 just has LR in it now (seahorses in the future). On the light side of the 40 I have a Gonipora, A purple unidentified soft leather, A 5 head frogspawn, a 4 head blastomussa, a wubetan(sp) anemoe, a few different Zoos and a small piece of zenia. I also have a snake polyps that is another rescue. On the shaded side I have a studeriotes. All of the tanks have a 4-6 inch crushed coral bed. In all 3 tanks there is probably about 75 lbs of LR.
I do a lot of experimenting with different things and one of my favorite things to do is rescue corals that the LFS is trying to kill.
Thought I would share so people know where I am coming from. Happy Holidays!
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